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the art of

“...hits you between the eyes every time you drink it...”

Ollie Lloyd - CEO, Great British Chefs

botanicals infused
in apple cider vinegar
for pristine flavours
and a touch
of fizz

“...complex and winey, and infinitely better with food...”

Jane MacQuitty, The Times


for a world reimagined

“...zips straight to the senses... in a way you might expect from a first shot of booze...”

Nick Moyle, The Independent

jekyll & hyde

raw cola

sometimes, it all depends on who you’re looking for...

cola, re-imagined the way it might have been... raw kola nuts and a (very) secret blend of spices... infused over a two weeks to meld the raw plant flavours... you might just be surprised

must be the drink talking...


Place an order - you won’t regret it. So happy I discovered /shrb - finally a great tasting, adult, non alcoholic drink!


Neil S


I love these drinks so much... different from all the usual non-alcoholic mixers and tonics... /shrb sodas are just fab!

Joanne M


Without doubt, the best non alcoholic drinks that we've discovered.


Sally R


Wow, this was a really complex, delicious and refreshing drink. Something to be savoured!

Matthew C


Loved the delicate floral notes as well as the sharp kick that you get. Sophisticated and subtle but with a sting in the tail.


Yasmine C


Delicious and really unusual. I can't get recommend these drinks enough!




A really good soft drink which doesn’t feel like a poor relation to booze


Rebecca C


You can taste the quality of the slow brewing process and the accent herbal notes are subtle. The juice is thick but somehow light with the hit of soda.




Different to anything I have tried before but really enjoying them, a great non-alcoholic alternative with very complex flavours.


Emily P


...unlike most alcohol free drinks they are not sweet but full of complex flavours like good wine

Margaret I


The new brews don’t miss a beat and make the perfect addition to an already delicious range. Simply the best.

Susi M



Love them! Refreshingly different from other drinks. 


Karin C 


Not at all bad. At last, an adult drink with a grown up flavour palette. 


Jonathan R

as seen in...

Screenshot 2023-10-09 at 12.08.02.png

stay /shrb'd


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