the name ‘shrub’ first appeared in print in

October 1747 in the Gentleman’s Magazine London and referred to a drink made with vinegar left-over from preserving fruits & herbs

"...not too dissimilar to a sour beer or cocktail,

it zips straight to the senses, 

perking you up in a way

you might expect from a first shot of booze...”

Nick Moyle, The Independent

the drinks...


a bevy of botanicals with the coolness of fennel, warmth of cinnamon, & calm notes of ginseng

apple cinnamon

freshly pressed apples, ground

cinnamon & nutmeg and

infused lavender

lime juniper

freshly squeezed limes, juniper

berries, pink peppercorns and

infused lavender

orange ginger

freshly squeezed oranges,

grated ginger

and infused rose petals

as featured in...

stay shrb'ed...

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