Vinegar is an excellent solvent like alcohol which means, like with gin-making, we’re able to bring out the pristine flavours of our ingredients. This gives our drinks their signature flavour intensity. Vinegar is also a great palate-cleanser (also like alcohol) - which makes our drinks great for food pairing (think charcuterie board or cheese platter, where you need an alcoholic tipple to punctuate the various flavours). Vinegar also provides an alcohol-like kick that makes you pace your drink like an alcoholic one (rather than quaffing as with a soft-drink) – which we think all adds to the whole "I'm so chilled, so sit and watch me" vibe.
Umm, no... the ‘booch is a fermented drink, where the fermentation has to be controlled to ensure the alcohol content doesn’t go beyond a certain threshold. Our drinks are unfermented. Which means they genuinely contain zero alcohol (ok, boring). More importantly, it also means we’re able to extend our brewing process for as long as we want to release the flavours from our ingredients (without worrying about getting sloshed). Which all goes to mean that you'll notice the difference in flavour and bouquet intensity.
Nope. We think there's nothing natural about flavourings. We only use raw fruits, flowers, herbs and spices. If we cant bite it, it's not in our drinks. Basically.
Nada. One of the many amazing awesomenesses of vinegar is that it’s a natural preservative. So absolutely no chemicals are added.
Our sweetness comes from the fruit juices we use (which are naturally sweet). We top that up with a single teaspoon of brown sugar per bottle to hit the... erm... sweet spot – so you'll never find more than 49 cals in a bottle of our drinks.
How could you even ask? Yes, of course – wouldn’t make 'em otherwise.
Whilst our /shrb recipes are free of gluten, they’re brewed and bottled in our brewery where we process malt (gluten) when we brew our non-alcoholic beer. So all our bottles will carry a gluten allergen warning. Stay safe.